What the future holds How do the basketball teams stand?

Story by Jordan Williams Sports Editor


 Though it seems like the first tip was just last week, the Reddies time on the hardwood is quickly drawing to a close. With only five games remaining in the season, both the men’s and women’s teams are preparing themselves for the GAC tournament that is fast approaching. 

I think it’s time to analyze what we’ve seen from these teams and make a prediction of how far they’ll make it into the postseason and talk both their strengths and weaknesses. 

First off is the men’s team and when you get right down to it there are multiple people on the team who can go out and get you a bucket. Kaylon Tappin is currently leading the GAC in scoring with 19.3 PPG with Josh Jones and Chris Parker following suit, contributing 13.9 PPG and 13.2 PPG respectively. 

This means we have three of our players in the top 20 when it comes to scoring with all three of the same players also ranking in the top 15 when it comes to free throw percentage. Our problem isn’t that we can’t score, it’s more of how we score which can be very inefficient at times. 

This is mostly because a lot of our points come off of long 2 point jump shots and put backs off of offensive rebounds while the elite teams in the GAC, such as Northwestern Oklahoma Southern Nazarene and East Central, are shooting people out of the gym shooting and making 3 point field goals at a high volume. This is just the trend basketball as a whole has taken. Defensively there are times we are absolute dogs on the court, locking up players, forcing turnover and getting stacking up rejections and at those time we look like the best defensive team in the league. 

With the post season fast approaching, our men’s teams hopes of making a deep tournament run are dim. 

This team is very reliant on our offense, which more often than not comes down to us scoring in isolation sets or off the rare open looks that come from us moving the ball. We have done this less and less as the season has gone on, and that will ultimately be our downfall. 

Our women’s team honestly has a chance to go all the way this year, and that is in no way shape or form overhyping. This is just the honest analysis from anyone who has watched this team perform all season. 

This team is just a well-polished machine on both ends of the floor. They are constantly moving and communicating as a single unit that is ready at all times to take advantage of any lapse in judgement or weakness that the other team might have. 

Even with injuries, our team still operates well with players coming right off the bench and jumping right into the starting rotation with little to no resistance. Pink Jones and Haleigh Henson pave the way for us on the offensive end of the ball with both being able to score seemingly at will. As the ball moves around, that can be said for any player who touches the ball. 

We pass the ball so seamlessly and smoothly on the offensive end of the ball that players constantly find themselves with open looks at the basket. On the defensive end I don’t think any player has come to embody wat we are all about than Bree Bossier. 

Bossier grinds it out on the defensive end for us possession after possession. She hustles for every board and loose ball. These tendencies have rubbed off on all of our players with her tenacity now being shared by the entire team. 

As the team operates on a night in night out basis, I have only become more confident in what they can do. I would even go as far to say that you shouldn’t be surprised if they are hanging another banner in the Duke Wells Center this year.