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Where the H*CK am I Supposed to Park?

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Parking has been another big issue for students. “My sister went here before me. She came here in 2010, and the parking still hasn’t gotten better from then,” Nicole Dodson, a junior criminal justice major said. “I know they complained about it then, so it’s just something that’s not being taken care of.” Parking has not only been a bother but a strain on students pockets as well. “I feel like the school profits off of the bad parking by giving us tickets,” Taylor Moore, senior political science major said.  “in Heart Start, they should tell freshmen living on-campus that they don’t need to drive to class.”


“We ask for more parking and they give us scooters instead” ”

— Taylor Moore

“It’s crowded. The parking needs to be more spaced out” ”

— Salena Caldwell

“I don’t understand why they accept so many students when parking is horrible…people that commute can’t even find parking.””

— Destiny Buckley


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Where the H*CK am I Supposed to Park?