The Art of Racing in the Rain An opinion on the perfect casting choice

Opinion by Pete Tubbs Editor in Chief


 Throughout my entire (admittedly brief) 21 years of life, one book has remained with me more than most. That book is Garth Stein’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” 

The book follows the life of a dog named Enzo as he views the trials and tribulations of his owner’s own life. Enzo believes that when he dies, he’ll be reincarnated into human form so that he can meet his owner person to person. 

It’s a wonderful book, and just recently, the perfect person to play Denny has just been announced. Milo Ventimiglia, for all you “This is Us” fans out there, is in talks to play the main character of Denny Swift. 

Through his portrayal of Jack on “This is Us,” Ventimiglia has proved that he is more than capable of portraying a good family man. Now, he’ll get to one up that by being a good pet owner as well. 

Several years ago, a film adaptation of “Rain” was in the works with Patrick Dempsey in talks to play Swift. I’m sorry, “Grey’s” fans, but Jack’s a hell of a lot better than “McDreamy.” 

Now all we have to wait for is the announcement of just who’s gonna voice Enzo. My vote’s for Bill Murray (just trust me, it’ll be better than “Garfield).