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Shouldn’t They Care About Us?

Part of our ongoing series "WTF HSU"

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  I am a student at Henderson State University. I live in a certain apartment complex on campus, which I pay an exuberant cost to do so.

     There is no security. I was promised a gated and patrolled living area, but what I got were two broken gates and a non-functioning security system.

    We were promised that the gates would be fixed, and for a short while, there were even cops posted at the gates whose duties were to stop anyone from coming onto the property without proper identification. This was supposedly a temporary solution to protect the complex until the gates were fixed. Time went on, the cops left and the gates remain open.

    Afterward, I had a friend staying over and he got his truck broken into, losing thousands of dollars worth of property stolen.

    Over the past two years of my stay, I’ve seen copious amounts of cigarettes, weed, and alcohol consumption. You could probably catch a buzz just walking through the complex.

    Recently the apartments were searched for health and safety inspections. I know of several apartments that had violations but were cleared anyways. The only reason I bring this up is because the complex, and the university for that matter, has double standards.

    Here, you can be fined for having furniture sitting outside on the balconies because it looks bad for visitors to see. That being said, no one cares about what’s actually happening in the rooms themselves, just the outward appearances of the buildings.

    We pay thousands of dollars to this school. The education aspect is fantastic, but sometimes the behind-the-scenes operations are unseemly.

    For many scholarships, you’re forced to live on campus. It’s highway robbery for the university to treat its residents with less-than-stellar respect.

    I have never once regretted my decision to attend HSU, but there is room for improvement. Sometimes, it seems as though all the upper brass cares about is how their campus looks like for all those tours they give. Hey, people are already here giving the University money, shouldn’t they care about how they look to us?

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Shouldn’t They Care About Us?