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Prescott Shooting

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        On Monday, April 1, there was a premeditated shooting at Prescott High School in Nevada County. The shooter was an eighth-grader carrying a concealed handgun, it is believed that the student who was injured was specifically targeted because only one person was injured. After the student was shot the shooter is said to have gotten rid of the gun and ran away, but the gun was found and taken for evidence. Immediately after the shooting, the entire school went on lockdown, fortunately, the school resource officer was in the building and was able to assist.

        The injured student was airlifted from the scene for treatment of their injuries, and the shooter is currently in police custody. The injuries of the student have not been released but the student is in stable condition. Both students involved were 14 years of age.

        The school resumed its normal schedule on April 2 and will have school counselors there to support students as they recover from the incident.


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Prescott Shooting