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First Amendment’s Right

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We exercise our first amendment rights on a daily basis. We learned the basics in grade school. The first amendment essentially states that our freedom of religion, expression, peaceful assembly, and to petition the government should not be infringed upon. A student at ASU launched a lawsuit against her school in 2017 for alleged violation of a law in Arkansas that states that students should not be limited to certain “free speech zones”. A police officer asked the students, who were merely recruiting for her student organization, to leave the area. Why does this matter to Henderson students? It is important to allow students to engage in their own activities, so long as they’re not harmful. In a way, this law could be broken in our very own school. In order to hang any poster or flyer in the school, it must be previously approved by the G.A.C.C. Why? We pay to attend this school. If a student wants to hang a flyer advocating for their cause, why should it have the ability to be turned down? ASU has since removed their policy stating that students can only exercise their first amendment rights in certain zones. 2019 is the year of the student journalist. Student journalists use their voice to try and make a difference. In a way, every student at Henderson does this. We have several organizations on campus that thrive under their freedom of expression rights. Even in small ways, like putting up flyers only under the approval of faculty, we are being suppressed.

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First Amendment’s Right