Singles Awareness Day

Don't Be Mad, Have a SAD

Brianna Barkley, Contributing Reporter

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“Singleness” doesn’t have to stand in the way of having an enjoyable Valentine’s day. Below are some tips to keep in mind the next time February 14th rolls around.

1) Love Yourself

“Instead of focusing on love focus on love for yourself”, said Bradli Marshall sophomore and Psychology major. Write a list of ten things you love about yourself. Your personality, your intellect or even how you can eat a package of Oreo’s by yourself.  You can focus on self-love instead of singleness. Like Bieber says,” you should go and love yourself”.


2)Spend Time with Friends

Hannah Beck sophomore Biology major suggests “watching movies with friends”. Don’t focus on the fact that you don’t have a significant other in your life. Focus on the people you do have in your life. Hit up Walmart for snacks, and then binge on Netflix and Hulu. You get to spend quality time with your friends and catch up on your favorite show.


3) Go out with friends

Annie Burt freshman marketing major recommends going out with a bunch of friends. There isn’t much to do in the Delph. However, Jalapeno’s or the Wok beat the Caddo food any day. Find a party or go out to eat. Getting dressed up will make you feel better and you’ll create memories.

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Singles Awareness Day