Softball Team Faced the Golden Suns

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Henderson State’s women’s softball team played a doubleheader this past Sunday at two and four p.m. against Arkansas Tech University. The weather was slight from perfect with the sun out and a slight wind.

Mallory Brewer, a sophomore pitcher, took the leadership role of pitching the first game. Other significant leaders were Ashlyn Taylor, freshman shortstop who had a big role with multiple hits directed towards her and completing the outs.

Ashleigh Erb, senior third baseman,  also had an impact on the field and batting with two bunts, both concluding getting out at first base, yet allowing the runner to advance bases. Erb also had significant fielding moments, getting four total outs

It wasn’t till the fifth inning of the game that a pop-fly from Arkansas Tech over second base that sealed two runners on first and third base. However, the next play which was hit directly over the head of second baseman Lindsey Williams which was completed as a double. This play led to ATU scoring their one and only score.

Although the game was nearing an end, at the bottom of the seventh HSU had a glimpse of hope in scoring.

Up first to bat, freshman Cecily Rodriguez hit a line drive to short, that shockingly was dropped by ATU and was safe at first base. Next, Erb sacrifices a bunt letting Rodriguez advance to second base. Selena Mendoza makes an awkward hit where the ball popped directly in front of first base and was safe at first base. Things started to take a left turn with a strike-out and then a line drive to the pitcher which ended in three tough outs.

“In the game of softball, failure is more likely to happen than success is,” said Ashleigh Erb, senior third baseman.

HSU  ended the first game 0-1, losing to Arkansas Tech.  

The second game had the feeling like I watching the same game all over again. Besides the game going into overtime and the weather getting really cold.

New pitcher on the scene graduate student, Michelle Sorensen took the mound striking out 16 batters while allowing just four hits. At the top of the seventh, ATU was up to bat, and a wild pitch slammed straight into Sorensen’s stomach shocking her and making her unable to finish the play.

To just add to the mayhem, with ATU still up to bat, the batter hit the ball towards first base and was counted out.

Simple right?

That was until the third base coach started to yell “it hit her leg!” and told the girls who were on bases to remain there. After causing the crowd to electrify, the two umpires and coach talked for a couple of minutes and then it was determined that it was indeed a foul ball. Now the HSU crowd and head coach were energized by the reversed call.

After calming the crowd and coaches, the player returned to the batter’s box with a count of three balls, two strikes, and two outs.

The next pitch was a perfect strike, silencing the third basemen coach and getting HSU closer to getting a chance to get a run.

Henderson held up a battle of striking and completing plays into overtime for ten innings only to fall short 0-1.  

“We have to remember to stay up throughout the entire seven innings whether we’re winning or not,” said Sorensen.

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Softball Team Faced the Golden Suns