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My first story was a bit scary. I had to talk to coaches for the first time and watch a sport that I didn’t know much about. Interviewing the coach after the game was not hard though, he made himself easy to talk to along with his players. Having to go through people to talk to the athletes was a bit challenging and made it where I had to talk set it up a few weeks in advance. Being the sports editor puts a lot on my plate because i’m the only one in my section, with so many sports it is hard to keep up and find time for myself. The athletes are really relaxed and make the process much easier. You can tell that they enjoy having their names mentioned with something good on a public platform like the newspaper. The biggest challenge with this was finding time for myself along with getting school work done. I only have a couple of semesters left before I graduate and have a bit of pressure on me to succeed academically. I also love sports and want a good portfolio for my resume for after I graduate. These blogs are hard to do with every thing that is due for me.

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My First Story