Lauren Lollies

Lauren Lollies  

For most that suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues finding a way to stay positive during days of low one student turned them into a high. Lauren Lollies is a senior at Henderson State and is unveiling her art portfolio to the school. When asked about the inspiration for her art, “I wanted to document what I was feeling, some are more straight forward than others, but my art represents my emotion.” 

The abstract art features a variety of forms that Lauren put on full display. Mental health is a growing issue in America these days especially in the millennial generation. For Lauren she talked about how using art is a gateway of new expression. Instead of the negative taking over you become the person who you were meant to be and let your art shine. For Lauren Lollies her art speaks loud and clear, a representation of her inner feeling put of display for those to admire.