Votes n’ Hoes

Story by Kabryn Grayson, Keylee Harrell, and Cle’Varus Oney,, Student Reporters

Tuesday, Nov.
6, the state
level midterm
elections were
held. During the
fuss of Election
Day, our reporters
asked bystanders
their thoughts.
In our last issue,
candidates were
up for three
Governor of
Governor, and
Secretary of
State. Republican
Asa Hutchinson
was re-elected
as Governor
of Arkansas,
Republican John
Thurston won
Secretary of State,
and Republican
Tim Griffin
won Lieutenant
One hindrance
for Reddies
concerning voting
was distance.
Some students
simply live too
far away. “I
did not get my
voting changed
to Clark County
and I don’t have
time to go home
to vote,” Justin
Kennedy, music
major said.
Mitchell, who’s
registered to
vote in Houston,
encountered the
same problem.
“I wish I’d have
registered here
to vote earlier
so that I could
actually vote here
for this midterm.”
Mitchell said.
There were those
who didn’t stick
strictly to one
political party,
letting us know
that they usually
vote Democrat
but that in the
end it depends
on the issues at
hand. Garrison
Connie Loy, is
currently voting
stating that she
“used to be
Democrat all the
time” and that
she’s currently
“happy with the
way things are
students may not
have been driven
to vote, but some
were driven to
inform themselves
on the issues. “I
would just say
lower taxes for
the middle class.”
Freshman Hannah
Nagy said when
asked if their were
any specific issues
she voted for.
Graduate students
Austin Diggins
and Parker
Handock both
voted for casinos
here in Arkansas.
Diggins voted for
raising minimum
wage while
Handock was
against it.
Whether they
voted or not,
many people
had opinions on
the issues that
challenge our
state. Hopefully,
they can use their
opinions as fuel to
create the change
our state needs
right now.