Graduation and inundation at HSU Jae-Kur on new ends and old beginnings

By Jae-Kur Lockfart,, Opinions Editor

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As we begin to
stumble through our
last projects, assignments,
and presentation,
we take need of
upcoming milestones
for some – graduation.
While some are designing
graduation caps
and picking out class
rings, others are deciding
on who to send
graduation invitations
to and who is most
likely to give the best
gifts for this momentous
“I already know
who I’m sending my
graduation invitations
to because I know who
has the biggest heart
and I know who has the
biggest pockets,” Jayla
Lee, Human Services
major, said.
What about those
that aren’t prioritizing
these things as a major
concern? Is it possible
that they are more
focused on something
more important?
“I’m expected to
graduate in May of
2019,” said Keaton
Beasley, senior communications
major, “and
I am super nervous
about going to graduate
For some, college is
the last crutch before
entering adulthood.
While some are making
the decision of whether
or not they want to
go to graduate school,
others are deciding on
which graduate school
attend. If graduate
school isn’t the foreseeable
future, the rest are
trying to make their
way into the workforce.
“I’m not sure what I
will do or where I will
go after graduation so
at this point, I am going
to just start vigorously
praying and hoping
for the best” Carlton
Shutes, Business Management
major, said.
In some cases,
students are starting
to believe one of two
things – Bachelor’s
Degrees are nothing
more than glorified
high school diplomas
so they have no choice
except to get a higher
degree. Others are saying
that they don’t see
the purpose in going to
get a higher-education
degree because so
many people don’t get
jobs after graduation.
This is more than
likely due to the fact
that there is more
competition in the job
market after graduation
accompanied with little
to no work experience.
Other reasons may
be lack of interview
skills, lack of preparation,
or even a lack of
“I highly recommend
doing any internships
that pertain
to the field that you
want to work in,” Kylan
McAfee, aviation management
major said.
“I just started a new
internship at American
Airlines and I love it.”
For myself, I can
speak firsthand about
the difficulties and anxiety
a person gets when
thinking about their
future and running
out of time. There is
so much planning and
seemingly not enough
hours in the day.
Graduation can be
bittersweet whether
students have a plan
in place or not. Just remember,
that’s what the
goal is at the end of the
day. That piece of paper
that will have your
name on it a month
or two after you walk
across the gymnasium
in your cap and gown.
Don’t let the process
intimidate you and all
of the hard work you’ve
I leave the readers
with these words: take
your time and try not
to rush the process,
time moves along on its
on, not from you rushing
your way through.