It’s Beginning to Look Like Thanksgiving Top five movies to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit

Story by Pete Tubbs, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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When we think of
movies based around
holidays, we usually
gravitate towards Halloween
or Christmas
movies. One holiday
that’s often overlooked
in terms of movies
is Thanksgiving, and
there is no shortage of
films that capture the
spirit of the season. So,
since Halloween is behind
us and Christmas
is still over a month
away, let’s take a look at
the five best movies to
watch in preparation of
Number five is
Jodie Foster’s directorial
debut, “Home for
the Holidays.” The film
follow’s Holly Hunter’s
Claudia Larson as she
comes home for the
Thanksgiving holiday
to spend time with her
ever so dysfunctional
family. Co-starring
Robert Downey Jr.,
Dylan McDermott,
Anne Bancroft, Steve
Guttenberg, and Claire
Danes; the stacked cast
overcomes any narrative
pitfalls to make
“Home for the Holidays”
a perfect movie to watch
and relate to during the
thanksgiving season.
Number four is the
film that finally won Al
Pacino his first Best Actor
Oscar at the Academy
Awards, “Scent of a
Woman.” The film also
stars Chris O’Donnell
as a prep school student
who becomes an assistant
to a retired army
officer who also happens
to be blind.
“Scent of a Woman” is
a moving and funny film
that perfectly encapsulates
the feeling of both
the togetherness and the
conflict that sometimes
arises during Turkey
Number three is the
John Hughes classic,
“Planes, Trains, and
Automobiles.” The Steve
Martin and John Candy
starrer follows a businessman
and a shower
curtain ring salesman
whom have to deal with
each other as they both
attempt to return home
for Thanksgiving.
The road trip is truly
one of the funniest films
ever made and also
has a quite unexpected
dramatic edge to it that
makes the film a masterpiece
on many levels.
Anyone who has ever
had to travel during the
holidays can no doubt
relate to the journey that
Martin and Candy experience
in “Planes, Trains,
and Automobiles.”
Even though my
number two pick doesn’t
take place during
Thanksgiving, there’s almost
no other film that
quite elicits the spirit of
the holiday than 1983’s
“The Big Chill.” The film
sees a group of old college
friends that reunite
after being apart for
fifteen years when one
of the members to the
group commits suicide.
When the group ends
up staying at a house
together for the weekend
after their friend’s
funeral, complications
and revelations ensue.
With a cast of A-Listers
that includes Tom
Berenger, Jeff Goldblum,
Glenn Close,
William Hurt, Kevin
Kline, and Meg Tilly,
“The Big Chill” is at
once a funny, sad, and
emotional trip down
memory lane that is a
true representation of
relationships between
friends and family and
how how those relationships
both change
and stay the same
over the years. Also, it
features one of the best
film soundtracks of all
time, so there’s that.
What else could be
my pick for the best
Thanksgiving movie
other than 1973’s “A
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?”
The special
has been broadcast
every year for the past
45 years, and shows no
sign of slowing down.
The 25-minute-long
bundle of joy follows
the Peanuts gang as
they prepare for their
respective Thanksgiving
celebrations. It’s
an eternal classic and
is, I believe, the best
piece of entertainment
to watch to get in the
Thanksgiving mood.
If these films don’t
warm your heart and
prepare you for brutal
political battles over the
dinner table at Thanksgiving
Dinner, then go
get yourself another
serving of dressing and
wait until it’s time to
watch “Die Hard” a

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It’s Beginning to Look Like Thanksgiving Top five movies to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit