‘Sense and Sensibility’ Premieres with a Surprise

'Sense and Sensibility' Premieres with a Surprise

Story By Teuana Smith, Student Reporter

If you’ve read ‘Sense and
Sensibility’ by Jane Austen,
you may be familiar
with the ending. At
curtain call of Sunday’s
performance, senior
Theatre major Aaron
Burnside put his own
twist on the play by proposing
to his girlfriend
and now fiance Baleigh
Almond, a senior biology
The play was already
gauging interest as a
joint production with
OBU, and one of the
only other people that
knew about the proposal
was the director,
Stephanie Faatz Murry
from OBU.
“He warned me he was
making a special curtain
speech,” Dr. Claudia
Beach, director of
theatre and professor of
theatre arts, said. “He
said I might want to be
there to take photos or a
Burnside waited until
Sunday’s performance
because the couples’
families were in the
audience that night.
“I was engaged to her
character Lucy,” Burnside
said. “But she was a
golddigger, and another
character and I were
flirting in the play.”
Perhaps the play predicted
the proposal.
The couple is planning
to get married next
Cast members enjoyed
the surprise, but it was
back to business for the
next performance the
following night.
Adrian Hinojosa, junior
theatre major and John
Middleton in the play,
found some similarities
between himself and
the character he played.
“We both like to have
lots of fun and like to
have a lot of laughs,”
Hinojosa said. “This
character allowed me to
be more creative as far
as humor. Past characters
it was more serious,
but I was able to
branch out this time.”
Compared to other
characters in the play,
Hinojosa’s character
was already in a relationship.
“It’s not fair,”
Hinojosa jokingly said.
“John Middleton was already
in a relationship.”
Though it was Battle
of the Ravine week for
opening night, the students
banded together
to put on the performance
with no noted
pranks or jesters.
“There was no tension,
or hostile aggression,”
Hinojosa said.
“It helped me grow as
an actor and get comfy
with people in new situations.”

There were five HSU
performers and 15 from
“It was good to have
the chance to experience
OBU students and
nice to be able to meet
them.” Hinojosa said.
Past joint productions
between our schools included
To Kill a Mockingbird
and School for
Check out what else
the theatre is up to by
stopping into the box
office located in Arkansas
The theatre department
will also be holding
the American College
Theater Festival from
Nov. 15 to Nov. 17.
Tickets are $10 or free
with a student ID. Only
general admission is offered
during the festival.
It will feature ‘Sense and
Sensibility’, ‘A Texas
Romance’, and ‘Mist
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Variety Radio Station
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and Shadows.’ The
festival will be happening
all day. You can talk
to Dr. Claudia Beach or
Douglas Gilpin for more
The theatre is full of
surprises, but this one
may take the cake. Give
your congratulations
to the happy couple
sometime and let the
rest of the cast and crew
know what a good job
they did. It’s always
hard work putting on
a production, and they
deserve way more recognition
than what we
usually give them.