New Film Studies Minor at HSU Gets First class Literature and Film will be offered in the Spring

By Pete Tubbs, Arts and Entertainment Editor

While HSU is the
only accredited liberal
arts college in the state,
aside from a couple of
courses in the communications
there is a lack of film
focused degrees and
minors. However, that
will change this spring,
as the English department
will offer Literature
and Film starting
in the first semester
of 2019 that will work
towards the university’s
new Film Studies
The official synopsis
of the course reads that
it will “take a close look
at literature and films
that depict the most
frightening aspects
of human experience
from horror and the
macabre to visions of
the apocalypse. Students
will have the
opportunity to explore
and discuss worlds in
online and class discussion,
collaborative and
individual presentations,
and a professional
While that description
is thrilling enough,
some of the books
and films that will be
covered over the course
of the semester include
“The Road,” “The Shining,”
“The Girl with All
the Gifts,” and “The
Blair Witch Project.” It
seems as though this
will be quite the frightening
Of course, with
the inclusion of this
new minor, there are
hopes that other new
and exciting minors
and classes will follow
in the near future. Dr.
Clint Atchley, Professor
of English and Chair
of the Department of
English, Foreign Languages,
and Philosophy
said that, “while the
Literature and Film
class will be the first offering
from the English
department, we anticipate
offering several
different Special Topics
classes which will play
to our faculty’s interests
and strengths.”
The minor is not a
new idea. “This is an
idea that we’ve kicked
around for a while,” Dr.
Atchley said. Dr. Atchley
added that, after he
taught a special topic
class that was centered
around detective
film and literature, he
received positive comments
from students
that persuaded him to
pursue a minor similar
to the course.
“The idea of making
this an interdisciplinary
minor was really a
no brainer,” Dr. Atchley
said, “we have a great
relationship with the
other departments, and
they were enthusiastic
in their support.”
While the new class
and minor originated
in the English, Foreign
Languages, and Philosophy
there will be significant
overlap in the faculty
that participate in the
minor. “We designed
the Film Studies program
to be interdisciplinary
and emphasize
the interconnectedness
of liberal arts,” Dr.
Atchley said.
Some of the departmental
classes that
the minor will draw
from include English,
Art, Communications,
Theater, and Innovative
Media. “Students
can take classes such
as Movie Appreciation
and Enjoyment,
Motion Graphics, and
Special Topics to fulfill
the minor, just to name
a few,” Dr. Atchley said.
There is also a 12-hour
certificate in Film Studies
if one was perhaps
interested in Film Studies,
but doesn’t want
the minor.
While the new minor
is certainly a fantastic
development in
education at HSU, Dr.
Atchley has some other
things that he would
wish to see take place.
“Dr. Matthew Bowman
is currently sponsoring
an interdisciplinary
minor in the Study
of Religion which has
passed a first reading of
the Ellis College Curriculum
Dr. Atchley said. Aside
from the hopes that
Dr. Bowman’s minor
will be available in
the spring, The Bible
as Literature will also
be a class offered in
the spring which can
be taken towards the
For more questions
about the minor, contact
your advisor or Dr.
Atchley. For more developments
about new
courses at the Reddie
university, keep coming
back to the Oracle.