Where’s present day Patrick Henry?

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“Give me liberty or give me death,” is how the saying goes.In the infancy of our country, Patrick Henry spouted these famous words to founding fathers and state delegates to achieve what our nation is known for today: democracy.

In this election season, reflection is essential. This country’s election two years ago presented many surprises, neverending updates and a rhetoric that still rings today. The only way to prevent it from possibly happening again (we’re looking at you, Kanye) is to get out to the polls and vote.

Yes, lecturing may be the only option at this point to get our readers to listen about voting. It is important for your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Just ask any country fighting for democracy and their right to choose.

Countries across the world, especially the Middle East, fight for what Americans take for granted. Rulers are limited by bloodlines and tyranny. Yet, many of our country’s citizens boast they do not vote because of the time it takes, the jury duty that comes with it or the candidates are not to their liking.

That is not an excuse. Why did our founding fathers come in and fight for generations not to vote? Is your vote not important? Do you want your voice to be heard?

The last election proved that not enough people are getting to the polls. This social media activist generation needs to push the ballot button instead of the share button. Don’t have a car? There are options, swear. Don’t like the candidates? Nobody is perfect, but you still have to choose people in your life. It just so happens that who you’re voting for will make the rules for you, if that matters.

Politics are a struggle for everyone. Nobody knows what is going on all of the time. To understand politics, you have to study, probably go (and pass) law school, and keep up with the ever changing policies of this country. Is it worth it? Yes.

Resources are available to educate yourself. Ask the people around you. Don’t just use the news as your source for candidate information. We’re humans who make mistakes, and believe it or not, we make quite a few. Going to candidates’ social media, websites, and events are the best ways to get to know them. There are pamphlets everywhere waiting to be picked up. You just have to do it.

Midterms can help determine the course of the election in two years. It’s that time. It’s your time.

Just remember, at one point a man was wiling to die for his right to vote. He’s not the only one in the world.

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Where’s present day Patrick Henry?