Panic at the parking lot

Story by Haven Hughes, Student Reporter

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Parking has always been a problem. This year it is the worst it has ever been. There are not enough parking spots.

There is designated parking for commuters, such as the lot behind Arkansas Hall, and for some of the dorms.

Another problem that has been occurring is that people who live on campus have been driving to their classes due to rain, or colder weather and this is taking up parking spots for commuters, or faculty. Thankfully, has finally addressed this problem, the university posted on its’ twitter page that there are plans underway that will help with the parking problem, such as a new parking lot.

The tweet also tells us about “Hidden Parking.” The “Hidden Parking” is near the Henderson House, behind Caplinger and the International House. Henderson is hard at work to improve our parking situation and making Henderson a better place to live. Stay patient, Reddies, it’s coming.

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Panic at the parking lot