Parties in the U.S.A.

Story By Teuana Smith, Student Reporter

Midterm elections can be intimidating. Local people running for office is a scary thought, but it must be done. The Oracle did the dirty work and spoke to candidates for Lieutenant Governor, the position that replaces the state governor if they are absent or tragedy strikes. Tim Griffin, Anthony Bland, and Frank Gilbert will be on the ballot as the second under the governor this season.

What college did you graduate from?

Griffin: My undergrad is from Hendrix College, but also went to Oxford University in England, Tulane Law, and the U.S. Army War College.

Bland: I received my undergrad from Arkansas Baptist College. From there I graduated with my Master’s and Doctorate from the University of Phoenix.

Gilbert: My undergrad is from Ouachita Baptist.

How will you address issues in Clark County?

Griffin: Expanding workforce training and the emphasis on education.

Bland: Build a strong education pipeline and growing economically.

Gilbert: Content on policies in place.

Priorites for this campaign?

Griffin: Reforming state government, fix the government budget, reducing the state burden and attracting jobs.

Bland: Making sure universal healthcare is on the way and raising the minimum wage.

Gilbert: Improve law enforcement, roads and schools.

Stance on issue four and potential casinos?

Griffin: Opposed.

Bland: For, if done correctly.

Gilbert: Opposed