Homecoming Presentation

KaBryn Grayson, Staff Writer

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I covered the Homecoming Presentation that happened on Thursday evening in Arkansas Hall.I planned to arrive early and get quotes before the presentation started. However,I arrived late and they were already walking in. I changed my plans to getting quotes afterwards. It was a little difficult as they were celebrating and taking pictures. However, they  all congregated in the hallway which made it easy to access them. They were willing to talk and I got some really good quotes.

This past week.there was several homecoming activities. Something happened every evening. This made it easy to incorporate the weeks events into the article. 

I only encountered  one problem while writing the article. I wanted to include who won homecoming queen. I did some research using Google but I got no results. I really wanted to include that in my article,since it was about homecoming.

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Homecoming Presentation