Kavanaugh vs. Ford: Is he falsely accused? A subjective look at the trial that everyone is talking about.

Bunky Rainesr, Contributing Reporte

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Spit, sweat and tears flew from the faces of senators as the Christine Blasey Ford hearing was held on Thursday, September 17 in Washington D.C. Here’s a look at how this carnivalesque battle of the right and left is affecting Henderson students.

I heard from a Henderson professor who said his class watched the hearing with very little opposition to Ford’s testimony. I thought maybe some of the students might’ve held a different viewpoint, but were afraid to voice it out of fear of being labeled a misogynist.

Maybe I’m wrong, but in any case, I feel it is important to look at both sides of this equation. Let’s ask the questions necessary to remain objective.

None of us were at that obscure party 36 years ago, and there is no evidence. All of the witnesses Ford named said they couldn’t corroborate the allegations. The question we must ask ourselves if Ford might’ve had a reason to fabricate such a story. Senator Lindsey Graham had some thoughts on the matter. He was red-faced, pointing fingers and shouting at Democrats at the hearing. “What you all want to do is destroy this guys life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020,” Graham said. “Boy you all want power! God, I hope you never get it!”

Is it possible that this is a smear campaign, designed by Democrats, in order to take more power? We must at least consider this possibility. It becomes a question of credibility in an environment where few are credible, the Senate.

I wouldn’t trust a single one of them to run my kid’s lemonade stand. They’d embezzle all the money, drink all the lemonade and then blame the opposition.

At the end of the day, you just have to ask yourself what you find to be credible. As for me, I think a “he said/ she said” scenario, with no evidence and a strong possibility of an ulterior motive for political gain, is not enough to justify the attack against Kavanaugh.

Let’s not take all this too seriously, though. If you have a different opinion, I’ll still be your friend. I don’t require that you think like me. Diversity is important, even when it’s of the intellectual variety. Let’s celebrate our differences. Male or female, red or blue, you love me and I’ll love you.

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Kavanaugh vs. Ford: Is he falsely accused? A subjective look at the trial that everyone is talking about.