The Rise and Fall of Bill Cosby: Update in regards to the court case of William Henry Cosby Jr

Jae-Kur Lockhart, Opinions Writer/ Editor

William Henry Cosby Jr., more commonly known as Bill Cosby, has been under fire in regards to alleged sexual assault and misuse of debilitating drugs on unsuspecting women. As of Sept. 25, “America’s Dad” was sentenced three to ten years in a state prison for sexual assault.

“How you can go from an icon in the lives of so many to being besmirched and torn down is beyond me,” Deshae Craig, senior human services major, said. “What more can a man want when he can have almost anything?”

Cosby was also ordered to pay a $25,000 fine as well as court costs. He has also been listed as a sexually violent predator which requires a lifetime registration.

This situation began in 2004 when Cosby gave pills to an unsuspecting An- drea Constand. While many wanted to know why Constand waited so long to ad- dress it, she actually reported the incident in 2005.

“You can never put a timeline of expectancy on when someone will reveal certain traumas,” Jireh Keys, junior business management major, said. “I have no proof that Cosby did what he was accused of but I feel terrible for the women allegedly assaulted.” They settled out of court a year following the police report after prosecutors declined to press charges.

Years following the Cosby scandal, several other women started coming forth with more information and accusations against Cosby. Due to the laws of the statute of limitations, only Constand’s case was eligible for a court hearing.

Initially the case with Cosby ended in a hung jury. In April on 2018, Cosby was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault of drugging and assault- ing Constand.

Constand said that she looked up to Bill Cosby and that what he did crushed her innocence and her spirit. Former actress – Kathy McKee, has also accused Cosby of rape.

“Out of the large number of people that have accused Bill [Cosby] of rape, how many of these accusations are actually accompanied with proof?” asked Keys.

What some people may not know is that rape is one of the hardest crimes to convict someone of if it is not immediately handled at the time?

What some people may not know is that rape is one of the hardest crimes to convict someone of if it is not immediately addressed and handled at the time of the incident.

Reactions to Cosby’s conviction and sentencing have varied across many plat- forms. Some people say that Cosby de- serves everything that is coming to him. Other spectators are saying the opposite and that he shouldn’t have such a harsh sentence – or even a sentence at all.

While this has all been occurring, Cosby has been mostly tight-lipped about the trial and its happenings. However it has been said that Cosby doesn’t feel any remorse because he doesn’t believe he has done anything.

“He has no reason to be offended or remorseful about anything if he didn’t do anything wrong,” said Craig.

All in all, I will keep my opinions about this case to myself at the risk of offending any one but everyone here at the office, including yours truly, would love to know your opinion on this case and Bill Cosby’s conviction.