Competitors at NerdCon went hard


Brianna Barkley, Student Reporter

If you thought NerdCon was uneventful, then you were sadly mistaken. Whether it be tabletop games, LARPing, or competitions with cash prizes, this past weekend was one for the books.

The Cosplay Competition had some hearty competitors. There were 9 cosplayers competing on day one. They include an original MBL (Jonathan Ramsey), Rick from the Walking Dead (Raquel Baes), Kingdom Hearts (Rachael Bennett), Negan from The Walking Dead (Ryan Devison), Voraliod (Colin Boster), Strems Gate (Taylor Liggett), Harley Quinn (Peyton Bradshaw) – 3rd place winner, Owari no Seraph (Teyaira Bonds) – 2nd place winner, and the first place winner Nier (Parker Bomar). For the entirety of the weekend there is a final first place winner: The Dragon Priest from Skyrim (Nicole). The Smash Bros Melee Tournament was an outstanding success. 30 people signed up for the singles tournament and there were 8 doubles teams competing, including the 86th ranked player in the world: Uncle Mojo. The winners were very excited about the outcomes, and they had lots to say.

Third Place Doubles:

They did not have a team name, but their tags are Chamberlin and Paladn_. Chamberlin, age 34, resides in Memphis, Tennessee, and Paladn_, age 16, is from Little Rock. “Yes, I’m happy about the results,” Chamberlin said. “There were some close losses, but it was all legit.” Most of the players were dressed as popular characters. For instance, Paladn_ played as “Fox,” and Chamberlain used to play as the “Sheik” character. The game, although it may not seem like it, takes some getting used to. “Grind the game,” Chamberlain said. “Eventually you will learn, and eventually you will get good.” Paladn_: “Its all muscle memory.”

Second Place Doubles:

The Meme Team consisted of Suezo, age 24, and Zook, age 22. They both live in Memphis, TN. In terms of the tournament results, Suezo thought that the team had mixed feelings. “We feel neutral about it. They just figured us out. The only thing we would have changed is that we would have been more patient. The Meme Team was no different from the others. The two also had specific characters. “I played as Marth,” Zook said, “and my teammate here played as Sheik.” “The game is character specific,” Suezo said. “So make sure you put your time into practicing.”

First Place Doubles:

The players on Texa$$ are, as you probably would have guessed, from Texas. The players are Uncle Mojo, age 28 from Houston, and Sandy, age 20 from Corsicana. Sandy had some thoughts on the big change from their previous standing in the game. “We came back from losers.”

The game, although won, was not perfect. “[We] played sloppy at first,” Uncle Mojo said, “but, then, I was like, man, let’s go for the money. We had so much fun.” In terms of characters, Sandy was Captain Falcon and Uncle Mojo was Fox.

The advice from team Texa$$ didn’t differ much from the other team’s secrets to success.

Uncle Mojo said, “practice consistently and idolize the right players.”

“Go back and review your videos,” Sandy replied. “Also, don’t forget to have fun.”

Third Place Singles.

Suezo wasn’t only a part of the Second Place Doubles team, he also was the victor of Third Place Singl. es. He said, “I did better than I expected in Singles, but I wish I would have gotten more sleep the night before.” Suezo did’t choose to change his character and stayed with sheik. He wasn’t torn up about not taking home the top prize. “I just want to give a bit of good luck to all of them out there,” he said.

Second Place Singles:

”Zook once again took home the Second Place Title, but this time, he had the victory all to himself. “I’m happy with the results,” he said. “I probably would have wanted to come to practice earlier, though.” Like his previous partner Suezo, Zook chose to stick with the same character he was before, Marth. To Zook, the key to success is simple. “The only thing I can think of is just always practice,” he said.

First Place Singles:

Also part of the First Place Doubles vistors, Uncle Mojo also managed to take home the big prize of the day.

Interview is as follows: “[It] Feels great [to win].” Uncle Mojo said. “[It’s] not the most important thing, but I had fun and met some friends.” Uncle Mojo’s character didn’t change, either. “I have a thing for playing as Fox, what can I say,” Mojo said. On what’s most important, Uncle Mojo shared, “just get involved and make friends!” “I love the game and the people here,” Uncle Mojo said. “I’m going to be back next year.”

Chamberlain expressed just how good a hobby he believed this was. “Even if you’re a married man with children,” he said, “[I] wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

Bandy only had one simple thought to share. “I love Arkansas.” Overall, the tournaments at NerdCon had some great competition, whether it be Smash Bros or Cosplay. It’s a shame we must wait a whole year for it to come back.