Grace Dane on her art and “The Cure”

Patrick Williams, Student Reporter

This past week I got to sit down with Grace Dane of the Art Department, studio major, and super senior and learn about her exhibit, “The Cure”, and what it means to her. The most recent work she did was her black and white prints.

She got the inspiration from pictures of her parents and grandparents when they were her age. “I based them off of pictures I found at my grandmother’s house of my mom in the 70s, which is hilarious if you like to make fun of your parents. I do,” said Dane, as to where she got her inspiration.

She wanted to take all of these old family portraits and recreate them in an artistic rerendering in her own image. Her exhibit also includes many oil paintings, most of which were done last year by Dane, but she wanted to include them in this exhibit.

“The Cure” is being presented on Tuesday, October 2 on the second floor of Huie Library on Henderson State University campus. Dane plans to start preparing for her next pieces based off of her and her friends’ mugshots.

As for the Art Department as a whole, they went and painted the Clark County Humane Society’s windows this past weekend.