Most agree that Canvas is doing better than Blackboard…so far, that is

Most agree that Canvas is doing better than far, that is

Ashley Smith, News Editor

Since 2013, our school has gone through multiple websites for teachers and students to connect, submit assignments, and hold online classes.

Angel, Blackboard and now Canvas have graced us with their presence in becoming the Holy Grail for discussion boards and (hopefully) the syllabus for that one class because it is lost.

After being introduced over the summer and replacing Blackboard, this platform offers an organized way to easily look at your classes and the information.

“Blackboard was too complicated for me,” Kenzi Land, sophomore criminal justice major, said.

“Once you get used to navigating Canvas, it is very easy to use.”

The mobile app offers the ability to look at your grade percentage the minute you are logged into your account. With other platforms used in the past, it was a treasure hunt to find the grade. MyHenderson can be a struggle to get used to as well, but it is not widely used for sharing information from teachers.

“I like Canvas better,” Kameron Posey, junior vocal music education major, said. “Not really for mobile, but for the computer it is much better.”

Other students prefer to use the mobile app.

“I like how the website looks exactly like the app,” Madison Roberts, sophomore psychology major, said. “It’s more organized and clean.”

Most users agree that it’s more organized than platforms used in the past. “It is definitely easier to read and more clean looking.” Ashley Massey, senior, said.

The learning management system students use can affect their time at the university. Canvas has pretty good student reviews so far, and hopefully it stays that way.