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Fill the space on your phone with these student friendly apps

Ashley Smith, Editor in Cheif

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Quizlet: You use the website constantly anyways, so why not download the app? Create an account and use their flashcard feature for studying and learn about all the classes you don’t have to take..yet.

Todoist: Setting reminders on your phone isn’t good enough because you look at it a million times anyway. Get a new notification and remember to do your homework. You can also manage a team and contact each other. Beware of purchase, though Premium is a whopping $28.99.

Duolingo: If you’re taking German, Spanish or French consider down- loading this app. Some professors may make you do work on it anyways, so why not get a headstart and learn more of the language?

Circle of 6: Feeling alone in a threatening situation doesn’t mean you have to face it by yourself. With two taps on this app, let six trusted indivudals know where you are and if you are in need of someone. Similar to our blue boxes on campus, but with two quick touches of your finger.

Slack: With those pesky partner projects and group projects everybody hates, get your group organized with this one. You can create channels for different groups. A popular app on this campus it- self, think about making your life and academicseasier and a bit more organized.

Ibotta: What do moms and college students have in common? They want to save money! After buying a product at one of your favorite stores just scan your receipt and Ibotta puts money to- wards your account.

UNiDAYS: Another app for saving money, this one is geared towards college students. Uploading your ID will get you coupons, savings and a place to always keep your ID. With a 4.9 out of 5 stars on the app store, is there any reason you shouldn’t download this app? iResumes: Creating a resume at the end of your col- lege career can be hard when you have forgot- ten everything. Keep up with volunteer hours, references and work study jobs with this convenient app.

Headspace: Students forget to take care of themselves .For free, you can re- ceive reminders to take a break for yourself and get a clear head. You can track your progress and learn how to effectively meditate.

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Fill the space on your phone with these student friendly apps