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Moms Demand Action

Miranda Diaz, News Editor

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Sept. 25 was National Voter Registration Day, which is why the organization, Moms Demand Action, was on campus. Moms Demand action is an organization that wants to stop gun violence with the Common-Sense Gun Laws. Their main goal is to get students registered to vote and to make students aware of the common-sense gun laws, because they believe that our generation needs to vote, and be represented.

Moms Demand Action had voter registration forms, absentee ballot forms, organization joining forms, and a pamphlet on U.S. Congress candidate, Hayden Shamel. An absentee ballot allows someone to vote via mail if they were to be unable to vote on the right day in their registered county. They can also be used by college students who live around campus, but are registered to vote in a different county or state to be able to vote without having to go to the county or state they are registered in. You can also sign up to be a part of their organization, or, if you are not a mom, you could sign up to be a part of their other organization, Students Demand Action. You may remember the protest held by this group where people walked out of class at a certain time to protest the shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year. A branch is involved on our campus.

Moms Demand Action promotes and supports Hayden Shamel, a U.S. Congress candidate believes in the common-sense gun law. Shamel is running for the Democrat party this election season.

Other policies they organization is against include the arming of teachers. While trained and experienced safety officers are okay to be armed, teaching professionals are not who they want carrying guns in schools.

Moms Demand Action wants you to get the vote out this election season. Don’t forget, the change starts with you, and you can start that change with a vote. For more information, contact Dr. Laura Storm or find them on Facebook.

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Moms Demand Action