Haven Hughes – Wine To Water

Haven Hughes, Contributing Reporter



My most recent story was over a guest speaker here at Henderson State University. Doc Hendley is the author of the book “Wine To Water” which is the freshmen #ReddieRead. In this story, I told the back story of the Wine To Water foundation. I explained that Hendley did not set out to be a hero, in fact the phrase “Wine To Water” was just stuck in his mind, keeping him up at night. Being a bartender, he knew a lot about wine, so he decided to do some further research on water. After much research, he found that many people were in need of clean water. Hendley then hosted many wine tastings, raising money for this foundation. This foundation has made thousands, but the best part to Hendley is that he has a different view of the word love, and that he has finally realized that water is a tool, a tool used to serve. Henderson was very glad to have Mr. Doc Hendley take time out of his busy schedule to come talk to us.