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Perspectives: will campus parking ever be fixed?

Ashley Smith, Editor In Chief

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I have been a student here for five years. In those five years, we have had a parking issue every year. I can think of t least three past parking stories done by our staff because students complain about the lack of parking on campus. It has been time for the parking issue to stay in park.

An email sent out earlier this semester by Tina Hall from Dr. Brent Powell, noted the proper parking spots for students who live on campus and commuters. It seems, according to the email, that each residence hall parking lot is where your car should remain. If you live in the Villas this may be excused.

Commuters have a choice of Arkansas Hall lot, behind Capt. Henderson House, Haddock Street, IHOP behind the house and the various parallel spots on Henderson Street. Year after year, students flock to Facebook, Twitter and the rumor mill to figure out where to park. If you’re running late, you might as well not come.

If you are running early, you may get lucky on finding a spot that is not at Caplinger. It’s a game of parking roulette that is played every academic year.

Students living in the Villas may be excused from penalization for parking spots, but they are not excused from their own parking problems down the hill. Football and other events are taking a toll on busy students coming and going at different times of the day.

“After complaining to housing about the football fans parking in our lot, they directed me to university housing,” Cassidy Witherspoon, junior mass media major, said. “When I talked to them they just told me it was not their policy to ticket or tow any vehicle that didn’t have a university sticker.”

The security gate hasn’t been working at the Villas. Could this help solve the probem? Witherspoon thinks so.

“This is mainly a security issue,” Witherspoon said. “I pay for an apartment and a parking place. I feel I deserve the spot more than someone who is just hanging out with friends.”

Witherspoon is not the only one having parking issues at the Reddie Villas. “There were signs up that said resident parking only, but people don’t pay any mind to those,” Jacob Coon, junior, said. “I think haing the front gate working would help.”

Students who spent the first part of the year driving from the U to their classes: come on. That is only a few blocks and there is no reason to drive a very walkable distance. HSU is pretty small compared to some big schools, and people walk all over the place there.

“I think it would be cool if there was some sort of carpool area,” Witherspoon said. “They can pick you up from down the hill and take you places without having to move your car.

This idea has been entertained before, and Reddie Rides can take you places. Class times is a no-no though, as they do not begin operating until after class because their drivers are students, too.

“With lots of people living in a building, the number of cars quickly adds up,” Coon said. “People have their friends over and take up the spaces.” No matter how you go about it, these parking problems have lasted too long. Sturgis has no parking around it for students. Smith’s construction has limited their spaces as well. There’s not many limited, but the most convenient ones are.

Personally, I park in the Haddock Street lot. I gave up on Arkansas Hall long ago. I have always found a parking spot there, but the distance is quite a trek if I am running late.

Just like the email said, try not to run late. Ypu may have to park further away, but it will be okay. We have to keep on keeping on with the parking lots we have now, even if it is across 10 Street and through the pedestrain bridge.

I am not so sure these problems are a simple fix anymore. Five years in waiting, I see complaints of the same issue. Either it is unfixable, alre

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Perspectives: will campus parking ever be fixed?