#WeGetIt: Where’s The Justice for Jean?

Family, friends, and activists gather together to mourn the loss of Botham
Shem Jean.

Family, friends, and activists gather together to mourn the loss of Botham Shem Jean.

Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

Family, friends, and activists gather together to mourn the loss of Botham Shem Jean.

Jae-Kur Lockhart, Opinions Editor

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On Thursday, September 6, an unsuspecting Botham Shem Jean was gunned down in his own apartment in Dallas, Tx. While accidental shooting deaths happen fairly commonly, attention is more so focused on who the shooter was.

Believe it or not, the gunman was actually Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger. She turned herself in the Sunday following the shooting of Jean. Guyger was charged with manslaughter in this crime. “I just want to know how do you sleep at night knowing that you took the life of someone so innocent” said Deshae Craig, senior Human Services major.

The story developing behind this situation is that Guyger entered Jean’s apartment and shot him because she thought he was an intruder.

“How do you have time to walk into someone else’s apartment to shoot them and still not realize that none of the decor there belongs to you?” said Craig.

While Guyger was alarmed after finding someone in their own apartment, images have surfaced that include both officer Guyger and Jean. It is believed that she knew the victim — at least well enough to photographed with him.

After some time has passed, police in charge of handling Jean’s case reported that the victim had marijuana in his apartment. This more or less a feeble attempt at trying to paint Jean as a villian and to carve an avenue of solace for Officer Guyger.

Interestingly enough, Jean has been a rallying advocate against police brutality. He was also a graduate of Harding University.

Now for my tangent. Is the safety of your wn home a myth? Are we not allowed to retire to our dwelling place without feeling some sort of fear that a cop will roll in like the swat team and take your life?

It is a pity and a shame that throughout this case, people have tried their best to find the absolute worst information about Botham Shem Jean.

When they cant find sullying information to defame his character, they harp on elementary situations as an effort to destroy him while excusing Officer Guyger’s lack of discpline and trigger-happy fingers.

Honestly, what does his alleged possession of marijuana have to do with him being gunned down in the comfort of his own home? Is that what we as a society are planniing to use as an excuse for misuse of a firearm? Where is the punishment? When well there be some method of accountability?

“When are people [that aren’t black] held accountable for their actions?” Jaylon Denkins, senior psycbology major (Hutson-Tilloson – Austin, TX) said.

“I hope we don’t just sweep this under a rug and let it fly by because if we do, things like this will happen more often” said Denkins those that intend on dating and building a relationship outside of a computer screen, be mindful and become more astute in face-toface communication. You cannot expect to develop a firm relationship without simple relationship building skills.

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#WeGetIt: Where’s The Justice for Jean?