Release your inner nerd: Legion of Nerds wants you


Photo courtesy of Lon, Campus Group

Show up on Sept. 29 if you want to play some fun stuff. There’s a $25 entry fee, but it’s probably worth it. Pre registration is open now.

Brianna Barkley, Student Reporter

The Legion of Nerds (LoN) invites you to join them on this coming Thurs. They have a wide array of entertainment options, including Magic the Gathering, Smash Bros Melee, Dungeons and Dragons, and much more. They have an option open for everyone who is interested.

Some of the members, new and old, have a little bit of insider information on why they think those interested should join.

Sarah Reynolds was enthusiastic to share her thoughts on LoN. She first heard about this group when she was a walking. She overheard a member, Charles, talking about Skyrim.

When she joined the conversation, he invited her and her friends to come to the next meeting. Soon after, she fell in love with the organization, and the rest is history. She said that she would absolutely recommend this to other people because “the friendships you make here and the real ones.”

Junior Kordyn Turner had a similar experience. He was invited by his RA one day and decided he would like to try it. He stated that even though he did not really have a real attachment to nerd stuff, he grew to have a real attachment to the people.

“The friends I made here are the ones that stick… I can’t get rid of them, not that I would want to,” Kordyn said.

There is also a cute page turn in this chapter, for he met his girlfriend via this organization. They were hosting a dodgeball game in the rec center one night, and they were short a player. Not wanting to have to play unfairly, they roped someone in to playing with them.

The two met each other and hit it off. After a year, they continue to pursue their nerdy passions together at LoN meetings.

New member Reece Ruhl is a freshman member. He is thankful for LoN because it helped him to come out of his shell.

Being four hours away, it is hard to meet new people and make friends. LoN made it so much easier for him. However, this is not the reason he originally joined. Reece is a music major, and that requires a lot of time practicing. It got to the point that he was practically living in the RFA, so he decided he needed a release.

He went to a meeting and found out how much he really enjoyed being with these people. Ruhl said, “everyone is so welcoming and non-judgmental… There is nothing I would rather be doing on a Thursday night.”

LoN welcomes anyone interested to the Ross Room on Thurs. at 6. They also have several events coming up including Nerd Con on the 29.