Dancing kings and queens: Maleek Washington at HSU


Photo by Teuana Smith, Student Reporter

The Modern Dance Company got a little bit of education and culture when they performed Black Out last week.

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter

Renowned Dancer, Maleek Washington created inspirational scenes this week at Henderson State leaving us in awe of his amazing choreography and display of the dancer’s talent. Washington hosted a Modern Dance Class on Tues., Sept. 11, and Thurs., Sept. 13, where he portrayed his eccentric style of dance and choreography.

In class on Tuesday, he started with trying to reconnect us with our adult and childhood movements such as walking, walking like you’re on the beach, and pretending to playing in the sand. One of his favorite dance concepts to teach is the “Da Vinci Circle” also known as The Virtruvian Man.

Following Washington’s final class,the Dance Company performed Black Out. It took only ten hours for him to teach the choreography and for the dancers to get all the moves down.

If you missed your chance to see the Dance Company perform Black Out, you’ll have another chance at their winter showcase.

Some other upcoming events include Theatre’s production of “Church and State.” The play, which centres around fictional character named Charles Whitmore who is running for senate re-election.

When he pulls a “Jerry McGuire” and attempts to be honest to the country, his world is turned upside down. The play premieres Sept. 27 and lasts until Oct. 1.

“Church and State” isn’t the only play that Theatre is performing, however. The classic stageplay “Sense and Sensibility” will debut on Nov. 8. Jane Austen’s classic play has been produced several times, and this one’s sure to be extra special.

New events are being announced all of the time, so if you like to get your kicks from Theatre and Dance, keep your eye on the events page of hsu.edu and stay up to date on the biz.