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Church and State coming to the only theater near you

Patrick Williams, Student Reporter

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“Mama needs a Coke and some pretzel bites!”

Does this line keep you wondering? We will keep it that way until you go see the theater’s production of “Church and State.

A dramedy set three days before the re-election of Charles Whitmore to Senate, and he is ready to tell all how he truly feels.As the play’s website says, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Whitmore contiues into his campaign with no filter speeches and rallies. Eventually, you may find out what does go wrong.

The cast, stage hands and producers are working hard on their upcoming production.

“We made the walls and painted the floor,” John Cason said.”We’re in theportion of the setup process where we are focusing on the stage.”

It’s full of props. costumes and backgrounds. Designers in the costume shop are working on the attire and getting different pieces finalized and made ready for opening night.

As of late, the department are doing rehearsals and fine tuning specific parts to get ready for their tech rehearsals. Sound, lighting, and blocking come together as a whole while the production starts to take shape.

“ We aregetting down to the small details and everyone is super excited to present the play to Henderson.” Magee-Lee, stage manager, said, “Everyone is putting their best foot forward and making it the best they can possibly make it.”

The time for the play is coming up quickly. Opening night is September 27. Between classes, work times in the theatre, and night rehearsals, our students work really hard for the plays they put on. If you are feeling generous, buy a theatre major a coffee and tell them how appreciated they are.

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Church and State coming to the only theater near you