Haven Hughes – Henderson State Freshmen

Haven Hughes, Contributing Reporter

My beat is over Arkadelphia. This is a very wide subject and can be taken on with different topics, so I pick a new topic each week. Last week was over Education. This week I decided to write about TWO new records that have been broken right here at Henderson State University. The two new records were with the incoming, first time freshman, as well as the graduate students. The freshman broke the record for the most first time freshman enrollment, the BIGGEST class since 1890. This years enrollment increased by thirty eight percent since last year with a total of eight hundred and fifty five freshman for the fall semester. The other record broken was with the Graduate students. The Graduate School enrollment also increased to a record five hundred and fifty nine, from four hundred and nifty seven. In the pract, I told everyone about how Henderson State’s very own President Glen Jones said “It is exciting to announce the largest freshman and graduate classes in the history of our University”. I believe that with the increase in students at Henderson State University, it effects Arkadelphia as a whole, due to the population increase within the city – which is why I picked it for my beat this week.