Story Scouting

Cle'Varus Oney, Staff Writer

It seems like there’s so much to the band. After watching the band’s performance, I got to see that the band isn’t all music. The members of the band whose instruments may not fit into music for a football game formed a small spirit squad. Hearing some of the band’s percussion in close range was amazing. Feeling every beat resonate within your chest. Seeing all of the percussionists working on independent rhythms to make a complete sound once they were all together.

I feel like I have so many questions that I can ask them once I get some time with some of the members or leaders. How often do you practice the flag routines? How difficult is it to independently while also being codependent? The cheerleaders seemed to do their routine in rhythm, do you collaborate for this? The band is something that I don’t understand the ins and outs of, so that’s just makes trying to report on it both fun and challenging. I want to take the events that I’ve seen the band in and make a story that catches the interests of other students.

I also want to make band puns for headlines.