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New Voices Hindsight

Cle'Varus Oney, Staff Writer

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For my first story, it seemed so weird to try to come up with a story that I could cover this early in the semester. With my areas to cover being only choir and band, I had unintentionally closed myself in. Because I knew of the energy and quirky attitudes that can usually be found in the music programs, I chose to see how they felt about the new year. I chose to try the choir first because of there being a new director to accompany the new choir members. It was fun seeing how much the new choir members seemed to like singing, even telling me that it could be overwhelming sometimes, learning all of the music, but they still loved doing it. The new director also seems to be one who cares a lot about the choir and getting to know the students. He had this hopeful tone of voice and expression as I asked him what he was looking forward to with the university’s choir this year. I hope to start sitting in on some of their practices if I can find openings in my class schedule. I feel that it could possibly lead to me having a longer story to work on when they have their big concert this semester.

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New Voices Hindsight