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Haven Hughes – First Pract

Haven Hughes

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My beat is over Arkadelphia. The beat is called “The Delph”.  Multiple things can go into this beat. Since this beat can  be covered with a wide spectrum, I decided each week to pick a different topic and when all topics are discussed – start over. For this weeks topic, I picked education. In this education practicum, I discussed topics at Arkadelphia High School, as well as at Ouachita Baptist University. I discussed Arkadelphia High School due to them hosting their annual Back To School event. Mens United hosted this event in the Arkadelphia Senior Center. This Back To School Event is where many people in the community come together and get these students ready for school to start back. Things that they do at this event is feed families, give free haircuts, and round up free school supplies for students. The other education topic was over Ouachita Baptist University. I discussed Ouachita Baptist University because they reached an all-time new goal in private support. The  fundraising is around over one million dollars more than the previous record for the 2005-2006 school year. For the 2017-2018 academic school year, they had over seventeen million dollars in private funding. Right now, these are two of the biggest stories over Education in the city of Arkadelphia.

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Haven Hughes – First Pract