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Haven Hughes

Haven Hughes

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My name is Haven Hughes. I am eighteen, and I am from Bryant, Arkansas. I graduated from Harmony Grove High School in May, 0f 2018. I made my decision to come to Henderson State University in November of 2017. Henderson State was one of those things where when I stepped on campus, I felt safe – and at home. I thought it was the right choice, and fit for me. I moved to Henderson, August 11th – and I knew that the choice I made was the correct one. I enjoy concerts, shopping, dance, and pageants.  Concerts are my FAVORITE thing to do, in my book they can’t be beat. My favorite type of concerts are definitely country music. Shopping is my second favorite thing to do. I enjoy shopping basically ANYWHERE. Dance is also something super important to me. I have danced since I was eighteen months old, and I continue to dance seventeen years later. I also really enjoy pageants, I also have done pageants for a long time. I started pageants when I was six months old. I actually just gave up one of my titles, yesterday. Henderson is the perfect place for me to have all the tools I need to follow my dreams, and be a successful student, and adult. Here at Henderson, I am on the Pom Squad, and I am majoring in Mass Media Communications. Four years from now, when I gain my degree – I am hoping to pursue a career in the country music industry.

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Haven Hughes