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With the semester winding down and finals week rapidly approaching, I’m beginning to notice a pattern in my behavior. I had so much homework to do over my four-day weekend.

Now it’s Monday and I’m just getting started.

I should’ve begun as soon as I got home from school on Thursday, but that’s just not my style. I’m a procrastinator of the worst sort. When my workload gets overwhelming, I retreat to to the sanctuary of Netflix.

This weekend, instead of studying for the test I have on Tuesday, completing my final project for Dr. Peraza and writing the poetry report that’s due tomorrow, I binge watched the whole weekend away.

I took in both seasons of “Stranger Things” (awesome, by the way). Aside from just being a killer story, I was a child in the 80’s and the show gives me a feeling of nostalgia.

After that, I started catching up on “The Walking Dead” and wouldn’t stop until I saw Negan get what he had coming. I’ll bite my tongue and avoid spoilers.

This is exactly what I did last semester during finals week. I waited until the last minute, when I absolutely couldn’t wait another moment. Then I said, “F**k it. I’ll take a B,” threw something together and turned it in just to have the awful experience over with.

This pattern has become a problem for me. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and asked, “What can I do to change this behavior?”

To answer this question, I did what I always do when I need to find wisdom and inner strength. I googled that s**t.

The article I landed on was titled “7 Tips For Surviving Finals Week When You’re Overwhelmed With Papers” by Hannah Anain. Let’s break it down.

1. “Start early” then work on it every day. Yeah, no. Not my style.

2. “Outline everything” Have a plan. Do people really do this? I’m always painfully aware of what needs to be done. Having to make an outline would just add more shit to my to-do list.

3. “Take breaks” Don’t burn yourself out. This one really resonates with me.

4. “Collaborate” Get other students to help you. Again, not my style. I’ve always been more of a loner, but it may work for some.

5. “Self control” Not just your own. This chick is peddling an app that blocks sites that may distract you. So, this whole article is an ad. S**t. I’m too far in to turn back now, but I’m not saying the name of the app. Take that, you sneaky ad b******s.

6. “Set Goals” I do this, but then I just blow it off.

7. “Create a proofreading crew” Get your friends to read it. Not me. Don’t ask me. I’m not even doing my own papers.

Thanks a lot, Hannah. The one way you could’ve helped me was to say something inspiring about self control, and you used the opportunity to sell your soul to the f*****g app devils.

This article hasn’t changed me at all, but maybe it can help some of my poor, overwhelmed classmates and friends. Cheers, you bunch of freaks. I love ya.

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Finals week is coming up